About Me

I am a mother of four grown-up kids, three of whom have young kids of their own.  I am currently based in the Philippines where I was born,  raised and lived the most part of my life.   I had a Catholic upbringing,  had a Catholic education since Kindergarten up till high school at St. Theresa’s College.  for college,  I went to the University of the Philippines in Diliman.

I have been in business since I was 19  (over 30 years now)  mainly in clothing design and manufacture and was for a very long time in food service, too, which I have put on hold for the time being.  Just recently, I ventured into property development.   I work full-time and love the most of it.

Everyday is a balancing act for me to keep the wheels running but what I seriously find tricky and challenging is keeping my days solely grounded and in close consonance with my heart’s innermost desire — to be good. Not just good as in successful good but good as in kind and loving good.   Now, anyone in business faced endlessly with worldly cares, deadlines, limited resources, high and low cycles, manpower problems, etc. can vouch how mighty difficult this can get.  I am no exception.

Still, I struggle to keep myself in check no matter what, again and again and again — all for the love of God.  Zippers and rivets is my online account of my daily struggles to follow and love My All.  Why?  because I owe Him so much.

A zipper costs relatively little but with it broken, a garment becomes unusable.  It consists  of two strips of fabric tape with heaps of metal or plastic teeth,  a slider that moves along the opposing rows of teeth, and a Y-shaped channel inside the slider.

The zipper binds together the  two items or it separates, depending on the direction of the slider’s movement.

Similarly, we all have our opposing good and bad sides but depending on who we allow to lead us and depending on our motives, words and actions, we can decide to bind our differing natures together to become whole and useful in God’s love.

I pray to be continuously zipped up in God and riveted to Him for life.

9 Responses to About Me

  1. Joy Ngo says:

    This is beautiful Joy…i’ll be a zippersandrivets follower…btw i also have this book by my bedside, it has helped me change a lot. God is awesome!

    • hi, ngay. thank you very much for taking time out to read. you’re only the 4th person i know who uses or has heard about the book. no wonder you’re so pleasant inside and out, joy, coz you are so in touch with HIM. Praise God! and, pray for me…. best regards to u and family.

  2. DrT says:

    I find it hard to believe you are 49

  3. DrT says:

    you bet

  4. DrT says:

    in your picture, there are two fingers crawling up your side–kinda creepy ;>)

  5. Virginia Vergara Escano says:

    Sistahs of the same feathers flock and find refuge with one another. I thank God that you are there for me and hundreds and maybe thousands that read your daily blog. May God continue to bless and keep you and your family, Joy. Love and best wishes from me to you!

  6. risendreams says:

    Dear Zipperandrivets…
    I am blessed by your entries…I have recently begun to blog myself and came upon yours…and appreciate your posts very much….it is evident that your journey with Jesus is very deep and precious….your words are a great encouragement…words that point to HIM…where all we need is found…I too am a great fan of Oswald Chambers and read “My Utmost for His Highest” everyday…
    You are HIS instrument…blessings to you….

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