Thursday, December 15: Approved to God

three years ago, humbled yet overflowing with gratitude for the Lord’s saving power and grace,  i felt called to share my life story.   i was told by a couple of priests back in australia that i should write a book about my experience so others could hear about the blessings that come from knowing God’s truth. 

and to both i said the same thing,  “when i reach my happy ending, father, i will write that book.”


i had already reached my happy ending.  i had already hit the jackpot.  and the grand prize was Jesus.

i attended the biggest kerygmatic conference in the philippines that year i returned here and the same thing happened.  i felt called again to share my life.  and if you know the feeling one gets after attending any of these soul-stirring and mind-moving conferences,  you can imagine how set and afire i was. 

not one to sit back and do nothing, regardless if i knew deep inside that it was going to be an uphill climb,  i quickly reconnected with an old acquaintance, an expert in the field of public speaking and drama to be my coach.  however, being such a generous and believing soul,  she didn’t think i needed any more training because of who she said i was. 


so i told God, “Lord, You will just have to wait because unless i can talk about You with the eloquence and charisma You deserve, then i cannot go anywhere with what You want me to do.”

“The author or speaker from whom you learn the most is not the one who teaches you something you didn’t know before, but the one who helps you take a truth with which you have quietly struggled, give it expression, and speak it clearly and boldly.”  — My Utmost for His Highest


“my dearest Lord, i am sorry for the opportunities i may have missed to share Your truths to others because i was too shy, too proud, too ashamed, or too busy.  grant me the courage to stand up for You always,  to put nothing and no one before You so my life can truly boast of You.  strengthen me where i am weak, dear Lord, and lead me where i am strong.  i pray for the same for my children.  i love You, Jesus, my love.”  

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1 Response to Thursday, December 15: Approved to God

  1. Wow its so great to hear that you know when God has a calling for you. Please let me know when you write that book 🙂

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