Saturday, December 10: The Offering of the Natural

i can only begin to offer spiritual commitments to the Lord when i have made up mind about my natural commitments.  the choice is simple:  either deny myself or deny Him because talking about Christ is meaningless if i don’t match it with walking with Him.

“if we do not sacrifice the natural to the spiritual, the natural life will resist and defy the life of the Son of God in us and will produce continual turmoil.”  –  My Utmost For His Highest


“my Lord Jesus, help me.  i have put myself voluntarily under Your authority and You know I love You but i really need Your help with my commitment issues.  

fix my eyes on You,  stir my devotion for Your word , take away my complacency and laziness  with the temptations of sin and worldliness that I may wholeheartedly be Yours.   i pray for the same for my children and their families. 

bless my second son as he celebrates another year of abundant blessings and graces from You today.  bless my daughter that she can carry through her pregnancy to full term safely and in good health for her and baby.  bless my eldest son that he may be strong and generous in his roles as husband and father.  bless my youngest son that he may be enlightened to make the best choices for work and home. bless my children’s families that they may always find joy and fulfillment, love and security in You.

bless the one reading this today that he/she may feel Your loving touch in the areas most needed.  bless the whole of mankind that all may find You in the realities of life.

please stay with me and mine always, dear God.  we need You in everything.  thank You.”

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4 Responses to Saturday, December 10: The Offering of the Natural

  1. Brian Yu says:

    I was just thinking about something similar to this a few days ago. The reason I’m oftentimes stressed out and worried is because I unconsciously believe I can do all things with my own strength. Then God reminds me that my first step will always be surrendering and submitting myself to Him.

  2. Great post! Merry Christmas!

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