Wednesday, December 7: Repentance

when i came back from a two-year hiatus in melbourne,  one of the first privileges i had was a chance encounter with the mother of my ex-husband at a birthday dinner for my eldest son who also happened to be visiting with his family at that time.   although we both had already been warm and genial with each other (brought together casually on previous family occasions),  deep in my heart i knew i owed her something.   i knew she deserved something.

when the opportunity came that we were by ourselves at the dinner table, i told her straight, “mom, i know i caused you so much pain and humiliation in the past, i would like to apologize for the choices i made.  i’m really sorry…”

before i could finish, she stopped me and said, “joy, i had forgiven you a long time ago already.  that’s alright. i bear no grudge against you in the same way that i don’t hold any grudge against any of my sons and daughter when we have a misunderstanding.”

then i went on to say, “mom, honestly, i never fully realized the extent of my sin until i was away from it all.  but out there i saw how bad it was.  i’m so sorry. could you please extend my apology to the rest of the family because i know they, too, were hurt by my actions.” 

“repentance always brings a person to the point of saying, ‘I have sinned.’   the surest sign that God is at work in his life is when he says that and means it.”  — My Utmost For His Highest


“Lord Jesus, thank you for each new day that we can live in full appreciation and enjoyment Your countless blessings, Your gifts to us.  thank You more for the opportunities You send us to mend broken relationships and restore them in Your love and grace.  we owe it to You, dear Lord.

bless mom, her family, and everything close to her heart that in her generous spirit, she may live her life to the fullest in good health, peace, contentment, joy, and divine grace. 

watch over me, please, that if ever i hurt another unknowingly, i may realize it before sundown so i can make amends, all for the love of You. 

bless my family, all my loved ones, and the whole world for that matter, that we all may receive Your sacred and healing gift of repentance and have You in the center of our lives.”   

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2 Responses to Wednesday, December 7: Repentance

  1. Great post! Many blessings!

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