Monday, December 5: The Temple of the Holy Spirit

“my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, including all my thoughts and desires.”  —  My Utmost For His Highest

if truly the Spirit of God dwells in us,  then why do we struggle?  

because the desires of the Spirit are not of this world. 

because we do not believe enough. 

because  we suppress Him with our stubbornness. 

because we are too  busy. 

because we don’t pray. 

because we don’t listen to Him.

okay, but is the Holy Spirit really watching us, leading us, guiding us, and empowering us?  

when we have not yet been overtaken by  Him through conviction of our sinfulness and, thus, do not believe that He  is indeed in us, cares for us, watches over us, loves us, and we do not allow Him to be involved in every detail of our lives, ( after all, we were purchased at the highest price) then we will always be in a battle.  

we will, more often than not, yield to our natural, human tendencies — always being near yet too far from His wisdom, joy, and peace. 

emptiness.  waste.  constant regret.  confusion.  discontent.  apathy. aimlessness.

but if we pray to the Spirit every day in absolute trust and surrender, we will immediately gain the power and grace to live a life according to the will of the Father and ultimately be pleasing to the Lord.   



“thank You Jesus for this relationship with You.  thank  You, dear Holy Spirit for looking after me.  increase the level of my faith that i may unfailingly abide in You as You are in me.  i love You.”

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