Saturday, December 4: Not by Might nor by Power

finally.  i am fine to be on my own.  in fact, i would rather be on my own. 

i never imagined i would reach this sort of maturity but i guess i undoubtedly have.   

it has become evidently tiresome, counteractive, and pointless to solicit love, trust, and faithfulness in what should otherwise be a true, intimate, and sublime  relationship. 

love, like faith, must not be based on experiences.  we cannot just turn it off simply because we disagree or argue.  yet, it’s frustrating how many people do.   how can one ever be rooted and secure if the strength and future of our relationships depend on the events and circumstances in our lives?  good Lord.  

oh, it is far better to be in love with Christ!

“once you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, you will never be moved again.  nothing can ever change God or the reality of  his love and redemption.  base your faith on that, and you are as eternally secure as God Himself.” —  My Utmost For His Highest

someone knowingly sent me this quote today:  



“dear Jesus, have i told You i love You today?   let Your Spirit hold my heart and take control of it so I am deliberately, profusely, and crazily in love with You lest You let me go. “

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