Monday, November 28: The Riches of the Destitute

the second time i went to portland, oregon to visit my childhood friend, rhea, back in 1993, i forgot to leave behind a peculiar filipino nature that would do me no good in a country like america.

i was ecstatic to be met by rhea and her american husband, gerry, at the airport after the long transatlantic flight.  feeling a bit famished though,  i was relieved that Gerry had gone through Burger King’s drive-thru for some quick food.  when he asked me if i wanted a whopper, instinctively, being the filipino that i am, i said, “no, thank you.  i’m alright,”  presuming that he would ask again and i would get to say, “okay then, thanks.”  ( to us, it is polite to say no the first time.)

to my astonishment, gerry simply took my word for it, did not ask me again nor get me anything.  good Lord!   everyone in the van had a whopper, chips, and soda.  not only did i feel bad and stupid, i was salivating the whole trip for a bite.  i was starved.  i learned my first lesson the hard way.

we prefer the act of giving.  we feel proud and good but it doesn’t necessarily follow with the act of receiving.  with the latter, i always find myself declining.  i like to show that i’m good, i’m okay.  no, thank you.

similarly,  when it comes to graces from above, we lose out on many because we act like we’re fine on our own.  like, we don’t need anything.  like, we can handle things.

“The greatest spiritual blessing we receive is when we come to the knowledge that we are destitute. Until we get there, our Lord is powerless. He can do nothing for us as long as we think we are sufficient in and of ourselves.”  — My Utmost For His Highest


“My Lord God, grant me the grace of humility and modesty.  Bless me with all the graces i need to overcome difficulty, lack, and fear…  yes, Lord, i want them all.  and also, to accept You permanently as my Savior.  bless me tonight and all whom i love, dear Jesus.”

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4 Responses to Monday, November 28: The Riches of the Destitute

  1. Domingo Fameron says:

    How can I repost this Joy without going to WordPress?

  2. Rhea says:

    I read your blog out loud to Gerry and he , jokingly said, while laughing at the same time that you have a bad memory. I said he has the bad memory. Gerry remembers that we were driving back from Vancouver and he had the Christian radio on,(w/c he listens to 24/7) and you were sitting in the back of the van, and you asked him to increase the volume on the radio so you can hear the preacher’s teaching as well. I think it was Charles Stanley. The Holy Spirit tickled your mind then and told you to listen…much love, Rhea.

    • hahahahaha! he didn’t think i’d remember, yeah? you have been instrumental in my lifestyle changes starting from that book you gave me long, long time ago about simplifying life to let God in. i loved our trips to religious bookstores, too, where i bought that keychain WWJD. remember?

      love u both and the kids! miss u most, my dear! God bless us all indeed!

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