Friday, November 18: Winning Into Freedom

there is something i seriously need to do and have been meaning to do for weeks now but i cannot muster the courage to do it.  it’s embarrassing because everyday i pray for the Lord’s help and strength and everyday i prepare myself to finally do it but sunset comes, and i never get around to doing it still.

i keep postponing for fear of rejection.   if i am refused where do i go?

the reading today tells us that “we must assist God and not stand against Him by saying, ‘I can’t do that.’ ”  the problem with us is that we pray, yes, but we don’t match it with faith and action.

if we truly, literally, and fully step right into union with the Son, we gain freedom — freedom from fear, hopelessness, guilt, and insecurity.   we gain a life of abundance.  we gain what is rightfully ours all along as co-heirs of God’s bounteous kingdom.

“Go! I will be with You even to the end of the earth,”  Jesus did say that.  He is an ever-present reality and with Him, all things are possible.

but we need all the grace from the Holy Spirit to live this reality.


“my Lord, You have been my constant help and source of all.  i know what i need is nothing to You.  so please, grant me the grace of Your Spirit.  help me.  direct me.  strengthen me.  equip me.  work with me.  You are all i need.  i accept Your grace today, dear Jesus. bless my children, all i love, and the world today.  thank You, Lord.”



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