Saturday, November 12: The Changed Life

i was out dancing with friends the other night when one of them (let’s call her jessie) confided to me how hurt and disappointed she was with a mutual friend (let’s call her rosie).

jessie enumerated several instances how rosie had made nasty remarks about her to their friends — especially when the latter got drunk.  or, how rosie’s attitude towards them had changed ever since she got the promotion.  or, how rosie doesn’t hesitate to drop anything and anyone just to hug the limelight.

jessie obviously had enough of her.  she reached the distressing conclusion that rosie whom she thought was a very dear friend was really no friend at all.  and that from then on,  jessie was keeping her at arm’s length.

i felt sad.  i knew exactly where jessie was coming from and saw the pain in her sharing.  i myself had seen how, with too much liquor, rosie’s behavior went from mild to wild towards a particular person in the room  — criticizing and questioning the poor guy’s work, leadership, intelligence, authority, whatever.  that one night went so bad, it took me days to get over the worry and shame i felt for rosie.

however, i was in for a shock.  a week later i saw that rosie and her victim remained close and were partying again like nothing happened.

i let them be.  some things i would rather not analyze.

you see, although i know how this imperfect world is filled with imperfect beings and that we should make allowances for others as much as we expect others to give the same, i still believe courtesy is a non-negotiable principle.  regardless if you’ve had too many tequilas or you’re simply letting self-importance get to your head.

how different am i today that i have been saved, been blessed, and tasted the goodness of the Lord?

“my Lord, i ask for the grace of humility.  i ask that i be mindful of others’ feelings and sensitivities.   i ask that i may know the words to comfort a hurting friend.  i ask that i may have the courage to speak the truth in Your name.  i ask that i may have the concern to work towards peace.  i ask that i may exhibit a life — a heart, mind, and soul — that is changed by Your love and saving grace.”

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