Sunday, November 6: Intimate Theology

month in and month out, we go through the motions of christianity — going to mass, praying the rosary, going to confession, attending a wedding, baptism, or burial  but few of us truly understand the essence and miss out on the graces.

we believe in Christ and His doctrines, no doubt, and we can be headstrong about them but the question is:    are we heeding and obeying them out of genuine faith and love for God or simply out of fear of missing out on heaven?

we might want to go to heaven for the wrong reasons — pride and fear.  pride that, hurrah, we undoubtedly lived well, thanks to our good works…  and that becoming part of God’s elite court, we can look down with sympathy on our enemies and all the bad people who made our lives miserable.  one last feather on our cap.

we could also desire heaven because of  fear — fear of the consuming fire and punishment.  no one wants to land there.


we should want to go to heaven only for one reason — because we want to finally be with our Creator, Savior, and our King whom we love and long so much for, to bask in His everlasting presence, peace, joy, glory, and vision.   nothing follows after that.

so all these doctrines and commandments are to be done only with a complete understanding and appreciation of their divine purpose — out of love for, trust in, and intimacy with God.

our faith is God.  our faith becomes us — irrevocably and incessantly.

would it not be a great shame if, having known God all along — His character and attributes,  His laws, and the duties we are tasked to do,  we still would miss out on the eternal celebration and joy all because we keep getting it wrong?


“o Lord, my God, let me not be confused, distracted, and derailed from Your path.  take me closer to You, please,  my Jesus, so i may always grasp everything You reveal to me in absolute faith, clear understanding, and the will to act accordingly and reject anything that doesn’t conform to it…  so that i may grow in fullness with my faith. 

my Lord God, Holy Spirit, and Savior, bless us all  indeed — my family, my loved ones and Your church.  this i pray in Jesus’ mighty name. amen.”

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