Sunday, October 30: Faith

my mother was a woman of God.  she was the only real person i knew with a faith in God so great that she practically lived every moment grounded on it.

growing up as a child, i always felt that when she prayed, God heard — from petty things to major, life-altering concerns.

when my father was invited to enter politics and run for a seat in the provincial board back in the late 60’s, my mother wasn’t very happy.   she knew the temptations endemic to the job too much to believe that it would not be good for my father nor the family.  so when he was called by the party leaders for a caucus in manila to finalize the candidates, my mother prayed hard to God that “if the political life would not do my father and the family good, could He please prevent my dad from pushing through?”

my dad never made it to the meeting.  the  plane he took with his younger brother that fateful evening crashed on a hill in antipolo, a suburb in manila, amid bad weather.  only one survived, everyone else perished.

God heard my mom.  and, although His answer was a devastating shock, far from what she had expected, she was humbly resigned to God’s will.  “Though He slays me, yet will I trust in Him,” (job 13:15)

since it was my dad who ably took care of all of us and provided us with a comfortable life, she must have wondered, amidst all the confusion, shock, and grief, with him gone, how was she to raise 3 growing daughters, ages 13, 12, and 10 on her own?  realistically, her income from teaching surely would not be enough.

she was notified later that before my father boarded the flight, he had bought an accident insurance for himself and my uncle.

with that money, she was able to quit her teaching job, went into business, and successfully raised, provided for us all, and more.  God is good!

all the time, my mom always chose her faith in God’s wisdom and provision over common sense.  it was only right that my grandparents named her Expectacion.   she trusted Jesus to provide every way for her, praying and waiting with expectation for His blessings in everything.

“Faith is not without worry or care, but faith is fear that has said a prayer.” — anonymous


“my Lord, today i woke up with the thought that i really should not worry about the delays at work, the kinks i need to iron out, and anything else but that from now on, i should just focus instead on what is important, beautiful, worthwhile, and essential: our relationship.  You and me — to value You, to love You, to thank You, to be with You, and to enjoy You. 

after all, when my heart is right and i am following You, everything happens the way You want it.  all things work together for the good of those who love You, so no matter what happens,  my Lord, it is a reason to rejoice!

please just never leave me to my own devices because i know how unwise and impulsive I can be.  guard me from myself and the evil desires of others, my Lord.  guide me as you know best.  

increase my faith so that i may live each moment in complete trust and joy in Your love and Your word.  i love You, Jesus.”

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