Saturday, October 29: Substitution

when any of my kids find some real stumbling block along the way of working towards a desired goal, i always urge him or her to turn to God for divine intervention and peace.

i find myself doing exactly what my mother did to us:  inculcate in them that they are not on their own.  and, the ever-present One who has their best interests at heart more than family, friends, and even me is actually a big, powerful, kind and loving God.

we often describe the Lord as almighty, all-powerful, all-merciful, all-loving and so forth but whatever we have of Him is nothing but a remote appreciation and perception of His true divine nature.   our concept of God’s love, power, and mercy comes from our own limited human experience of these things.  still, it is wise to call on Him in our every need based on our faith and our knowledge of Him — the closest we can get to, at least.

when Christ came to the world to take away our sins out of obedience and love for the Father, He also revealed to mankind the love and nature of God.  but what is interesting to read is, “the revelation of His Father is to those to whom He has been introduced as Saviour.”  — My Utmost For His Highest

Christ is, thus, the Mediator, the Middle man, the Broker.

i cannot help but find a stark similarity to my current experience at work.  in the long and tedious process of applying for permits for our housing project, philippine bureaucracy has never seemed more real and formidable than ever.  every step of the way, we have found that often it is not what we know but who we know that spells the difference in our rate of success.

in short, when we have the right guy representing us, we get to the goal quicker.

on a spiritual, more elemental, and more perfect (if there is such a thing) level, when we identify with Christ who takes on the task of substituting for us and brokering for Grace with God the Father, He who loves and trusts the Son so much cannot and will not refuse.

God will let us in but which, by our own access, we would never have gotten in His holy court.

indeed, He’s got our backs.

“my Lord Jesus, thank You very much for taking us on.”

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