Wednesday, October 26: What is a Missionary?

what is our definition of success?  is it material accomplishment, fame, and power? or is it spiritual advancement, peace of mind, strong relationships, and lots of happy time with family and friends?  whatever our answer is normally defines our personal relationship with Jesus. 

 instead of getting preoccupied with future plans and decisions, Christ prefers that we communicate with Him so He can show us the path to go.  instead of obsessing about how others think of us, Christ prefers that we focus on Him because at the end of the day, it’s His view of us that counts.  instead of slaving ourselves to earn a few more bucks,  Christ prefers that we take as many rests in Him, look to the Source, and let Him be God.   

it is after all God’s wish for us to be solely and ultimately His and to “go therefore and make disciples of all the nations . . .” (Matthew 28:19)

when we are strongly attached to Christ, we always consider His feelings and reactions to our decisions and actions, pay heed to His word, His way of viewing things and responses and adjust ours to the Divine’s. 

what would Jesus do?  a true disciple of Christ always looks back to Him, reflects, and takes his inspirations from that.

“my Lord, i know You will never stop loving us but i wish with all my heart that we all in turn come back to You.  increase our faith and love for You that we may serve You through others in charity and selflessness.  may everything we do begin always with Your inspiration and continue with Your provision.  this we pray in Your mighty name.  amen.”

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