Thursday, October 20: Is God’s Will My Will?

“we all make mistakes.  i myself have made a lot.  now you have been caught committing a very grave mistake but what is important is that we own up to our faults, we apologize, make amends, and change for the better,”  were the words i spoke to my house helper i caught stealing yesterday.

we had been losing a number of things at home from shirts, shoes, cash to jewelry in the last month but despite interrogation efforts, we could not trace or pinpoint it to anyone.  none of the help would admit that she did it.  it was really getting annoying and uncomfortable knowing that we were living with a thief.

when my visiting 9-year-old grandson came to my bedroom yesterday morning anxious that someone had stolen his P600.00 from his wallet, i knew i had enough.  the culprit had to be found.

without warning, i went down to the helpers’ quarters and personally inspected all their belongings  — one by one, going through pockets, bottles, envelopes looking for my daughter’s necklace, cash and anything that would give away the person responsible.

the two helpers were clean.

when i got to the last helper’s things, i found her wallet irregularly awash with cash.  further on,  i came upon her denim trousers that had one pocket pinned.  there i found my daughter’s necklace carefully tucked.

we all want to be good but sometimes we end up doing the wrong things.  ” for i do not do the good i want but the evil i do not want.  i  discover the principle that when i want to do right, evil is at hand.  who will deliver me from this mortal body?”  — Romans 7:18-25

we need to be constantly aware of the battle between good and evil in our hearts and to acknowledge and express in sincere prayer our need for God’s grace to combat evil… to make His will my will… to become holy.

“recognize your need, but stop longing and make it a matter of action. — My Utmost For His Highest

“my Lord Jesus, show me Your glory.  grant me absolute and unquestioning faith in You so that i may be repentant in the things i do wrong and vigilant in choosing good over evil.  i pray sincerely for my helper whom i know is dearer to You than anyone else.  let this experience teach her Your ways, dear Lord, and grant her the grace of indescribable remorse, shame, agony, and repentance that will lead her back to Your sweet embrace.  thank You, Jesus, my God.”

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