Sunday, October 16: The Key to the Master’s Orders

many times when i stumble upon dilemmas that are difficult to navigate, i always hear myself say, “i will pray for it.”   either the other person would say, “okay,  we will pray for it together.”  or, he would say, “pray?  you can pray with all your might but you have to act on this right away.” 

in our activity-obsessed world, prayer is deemed impractical and senseless.

but the reading today says, “the key to the missionary’s difficult task is in the hand of God, and that key is prayer, not work — which often results in the shifting of our focus away from God.”  — My Utmost For His Highest

how do we stay focused on Him then — amidst commitments and pressures?

at the start of each day, we take time out to pray, meditate, and dedicate each waking hour to God.  we ask for His blessing to become a blessing to others and to live His commandment of love so that God’s hand is in each transaction of the day, be it business or personal.

at midday, we come back to Him for updates — how the day went and how we fared so far, what we need or someone else needs, etc.  and we pray to praise, thank, and seek His guidance in order to be wise and calm in His love for the remainder of the day.

and if the day has been running too much on high gear, we can remove ourselves from the buzz, bump, and sizzle to recharge — by meditating, drawing strength and peace from His loving presence.

finally before we sleep, we recollect on the day’s events, examine our actions and their repercussions in the light of His love and pray to the Lord in praise and thanksgiving for a safe, fruitful, and wonderful day.

“my Lord God, as i set out for this beautiful Sunday,  i ask humbly that You help me become a blessing to others so that whatever is pure, cheerful, and good, i may partake and share with others today. amen.”

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