Saturday, October 15: The Key to the Missionary’s Work (2)

today i have stumbled upon something very important but which i never realized in all my bible readings.   what is the chief message of the gospel which we should believe, live, and preach?

that Christ died for our sins, reconciled us with the Father, and from that death, He rose again.

and, to all who believe and accept The Son as their personal Savior are promised eternal life.  what comfort and assurance that is!

nothing can be more infinite than this act of the Lord as the Lamb of God of taking away the sins of the world — not 1 million sins of 1 million men but all the sins of all men, without any reference to a particular church, denomination, sect,  ritual, or doctrine.

out of His deep, marvelous, and immeasurable LOVE and SACRIFICE,  God makes eternal salvation available to all of us today.  (John 3:16)

what next?  as believers, we all need to immerse in such truth, share that message of LOVE  to everyone we can reach, and live according to it.  we rely on Him, call out to Him in our need, acknowledge Him as our All,  include Him in all our comings and goings, and simply become one with Him.

“my Lord and dearly Beloved, by Your agony in the garden, scourging at the pillar, crowning of thorns,  carrying of Your cross to Calvary, and by Your death on the Cross,  You have saved me.  grant me Your Holy Spirit to always live my faith in cheerfulness, strength, and kindness and i pray for the same for others so that the world may be drawn to Your sweet embrace. amen.”

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