Saturday, October 8: Coming to Jesus

“Come to me…”

last night i prayed a special prayer.  i asked God to hold me back so He can work my life about someone i dearly love.

as simple as Christ’s invitation may sound, without divine grace, it is by far the most difficult thing to do.   we would “argue or evade the issue altogether rather than come; go through sorrow rather than come; and do anything rather than come the last lap of the race of seemingly unspeakable foolishness and say, “Just as I am, I come.”  — My Utmost For His Highest

why?  because coming to Jesus requires giving up our sinful ways.  because Christ requires that we take on the right attitude and state in life.  because Christ seeks in us readiness, sincerity, and humility.  because Christ demands transparency.  because Christ wants no less than full trust and obedience.

maybe, also because we have the notion that anything to do with Christ spells sacrifice.

and, because we have been so used to doing things our own way, acting on circumstances  by impulse and gut feeling,  getting impatient when things run too slow, and seeking instant gratification, coming to Jesus for rest and guidance becomes last on our to-do list.

we don’t have time.  or, we were so used to our old life, we would rather go through the  same sh-t  than await what Christ holds for us in the horizon.

but realistically speaking, it might just be what we need to stop ourselves from going back to the same confusion, suffering, and pain over and over again.

it’s about time we come to Him, stay still, and let God be God.

“my Lord, by the grace of the Holy Spirit, make me wise, patient, strong, and prudent.  hold me back and protect me from myself.  i ask that You act please in my behalf.  i love You, sweet Jesus.”

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