Monday: September 26: The “Go” of Reconciliation

the Holy Spirit often instructs us down to the smallest detail in our lives, bringing to our consciousness our unsettled problems with others.  why is reconciliation given so much importance in a christian’s life to the point that “reconciliation should become as natural as breathing?”

because forgiving and reconciling with those who wronged us  enable us to experience in full the grace of the Lord’s forgiveness, joy, strength, healing, and peace.

through reconciliation, we align ourselves with Christ and open ourselves up to His plans for us in the future.

“dear Lord, it is never easy to forgive and reconcile because of our stupid pride and fears.  i ask You, please, to take over my natural self and work in me that i may be more humble, more courageous, and more devoted in forgiving and restoring broken relationships.  let love coupled with humility reign in my heart.  this i pray in Jesus’ mighty name. amen.”

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