Saturday, September 24: The “Go” of Preparation

julio is my eldest grandson, nine years of age.  he lives in victoria, australia with his parents.  at least twice a year during his school break, they take a trip to the philippines for r&r.  he and his mom, my daughter, are here again.

over dinner,  his mom shared to us that julio’s teacher had once taken her aside and told her that what he likes most about julio is that he never bears grudges against anyone even when he gets told off.  while other kids would not talk and participate anymore for the rest of the day, julio would still participate, relate with his teachers and the other kids, as if nothing happened.

today’s reading speaks of giving up our right to ourselves, the most difficult demand Christ continues to make on human nature.

when our feelings and pride are injured by someone, we are most likely to cancel him from our list of friends on facebook, keep him at a mile’s length from then on, snub him at the mall, and harbor a continual animosity for that person.  and, over our dead bodies will we ever make the first move to reconcile.  never!

yet, we continue going to mass, receiving Holy Communion, working actively for the church and getting involved with other do-good activities, as if nothing happened.

these don’t impress Christ.

“are you willing to obey your Lord and Master, whatever the humiliation to your right to yourself may be?”  — My Utmost For His Highest

it takes some amount of grace to make the first move to reconcile with a  spouse or friend whom we have hurt.  how much more to forgive and approach someone who has actually wronged us?  why should we, he hurt us first?

well, we should.  why?  because Christ, the Son of God, did and continues to do — with us.

there is no fear or shame in owning to one’s fault.  no fear or shame in forgiving.  no fear or shame in asking to start all over again.  only God’s grace is locked in every moment of reconciliation and loving again.

“my Lord, You are most forgiving and most humble.  i ask for the grace of Your Spirit to work in me and others who struggle with humility, forgiveness, and repentance.  remind us of Your unconditional and selfless love, dear Jesus, that we may be inspired to do the impossible, in Your name! amen.”

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