Wednesday, September 21: The Missionary’s Predestined Purpose

God created us for Himself–  for us to enjoy Him and for His own glorification.

it takes mankind a lifetime to fully realize this because the demands of survival and relationships are already just too real and too much to bear, taking precedence over spiritual things.

hunger, fatigue,  money, work, family, and marital problems —  many reach old age still battered by stress from bad experiences in struggling with physical and emotional concerns.   under these harsh realities, doesn’t focusing on the Invisible seem completely out of sync?

man is totally messed up but the good thing is, “it doesn’t alter God’s purpose to the slightest degree.”  (My Utmost For His Highest)

how does one get out of this confusion, narrow thinking,  preconceived ideas, dysfunctional   behaviors, twisted priorities, and self-engrossment?  only by being born again.

we need to be touched by the hand of God.  we need His divine rescue to pull us out from the brink of destruction and into a place of grace.

it is only when through the goodness of the Holy Spirit and we are born again that we realize our place and inheritance in God’s kingdom and are “brought into the realization of God’s great purpose for the human race, namely, that He created us for Himself.”

we have been chosen to be saved but it is up to us to work out our conversion by aligning our will to God’s will and pleasure.

so, please, let us not be harassed and diverted anymore from our focus on God and His purpose by the wicked machinations of the evil one who thrives on feeding our minds with lies and distraction, who takes pleasure on division and not unity,  who drives us up the wall with false accusations, who declares war with the innocent, and who corrupts our peace with selfish cries for sympathy and attention.

let us simply focus on God and His wishes.

the evil one will never stop worming His way into our minds and hearts to poison and blind us but we certainly have the will and the power to say, “STOP,  FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!”

believe it or not, “we are made perfectly fit” for that.


“my Lord God, protect me and my loved ones from getting carried away by the narrow-mindedness and wickedness of those around us.  focus our attention on You, on what is good, on what is happy, on what is positive, and on what is true alone.  nothing else matters, Lord,  but You and us in You.  bless our efforts to work for what is good which pleases You continually, so that Your love and goodness will prevail among us forever.” 

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