Friday, September 16: Praying to God in Secret

“i seriously cannot understand how people who are so religious can be so vexatious at the same time!” my daughter had just recently posted this on her Facebook status.

we know we are not doing well enough with our prayer life if despite it, we still cannot handle life, as life is.  there must be a tragic flaw somewhere in our spiritual practice and maturity.

“many of us pray with religious nonsense without really involving our will… when prayer should be coming into perfect fellowship and oneness with God.”  (My Utmost For His Highest)

establishing contact with this Power greater than ourselves requires more than just uttering vain repetitions many times a day.  “God is never impressed by earnestness.”  

the main teaching of religion is to focus on our sovereign God (not on people) who hears us only on the basis of redemption.

meaning,  that we pray with the Spirit of  our Savior, Jesus Christ truly formed in us… cultivating that spiritual nature in the things we ask for, in our motives, attitudes, and in all the very movements of our hearts where His Spirit dwells.

something as intimate as this is done best by praying to Him in secret — an inner room where the door is shut and we can talk, bare our soul to Him openly and thoroughly without fear… without distractions.   a total, spiritual communion with Him.

it is only when we have formed this habit of close fellowship with Him that we cannot help but be influenced by the constant presence of God in the normal duties and difficulties of daily life.

this sort of prayer life will preserve us from the many evils that tend to blind us otherwise. we will cease to be driven by the hundred forms of fear, self-pity, self-delusion, and unwarranted pride.

this sort of prayer life will secure for us much good as we in turn promote good and happiness for others.


“My Lord God, i love You.”

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