Thursday, September 15: What To Renounce

whether we admit it or not, our inner thoughts and feelings are not always clean.  envy, jealousy, hate, distrust, lust, selfishness — it is these little thoughts of wickedness that lead us to sin and cause our destruction and downfall.

although they may just be mere ideas in the head but when dwelt on and acted upon, they are injurious and deadly to us…. and of course, to the One who dwells in us.   😦

remember,  every evil and horrendous deed ever done by man was first a thought.

“then renounce everything in its entirety as soon as it comes to mind until there is no hidden dishonesty or craftiness about you at all….  maintain continual watchfulness so that nothing arises in your life that would cause you shame…. God will allow you to work in only one way—the way of truth.” —  My Utmost For His Highest

if we live in the Holy Spirit then we should also walk in the Spirit, even in our private lives.


“Dear Holy Spirit, come and dwell in me.  fill my heart with your fruits of love, humility, patience, goodness, joy, temperance, peace, and faith.  take away whatever is bad and unclean in me and replace with all that is good and pure in You.  direct me always to the Word of God and grant me an honest heart.  i ask for the same for my children and their growing families, my loved ones, and for everyone, too, so that we can become our utmost to You and this world which You lovingly created will be a better place to live, giving You joy, glory, and praise.  i love You, my sweet Jesus.  amen.”

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