Sunday, September 11: Missionary Weapons (2)

Weapon 2:  Ministering in Everyday Opportunities.

“i have given you an example, that you should do as I have done to you (John 13:15)….  we have to go the second mile with God (Matthew 5:41)… yet some of us become worn out in the first ten steps.”  — My Utmost For His Highest

the reading today tells us that as believers of Christ, we are not to act as proud and self-righteous individuals judging others in their lapses winding up as hypocrites… but to take the first step in humility and forgiveness, in order to minister His love and, thus, lead more souls to Him.

Christ’s earthly life revealed to us the ONLY way to love — out of love for God, the Father of all… the kind of love that helps others become what God wants them to be without fear of rejection… the kind of love that ignites a strong desire for that same, special grace we have that makes us extraordinary… and the kind of love that makes them return and be united with Christ.

ministering such love in everyday opportunities, however, does not mean that we choose whom we want to be kind to or pick easy situations to be Christlike.   we are to act as “God’s very special choice”  in the circumstances He has pre-ordained for us,  good or bad, executing even the most common tasks in His unconventionally loving and gracious way.

when we are hurt, tried, discouraged, and turned away by unloving people, it may help to consider that we could be just as unloving to Christ ourselves, if not more… but look at how He still pours blessings on us like rain.

Jesus, i love You so much.

“my Lord, by the grace of your Spirit, i ask that you inflame my heart with more love for You so that i can give more love to others, even in painful instances when it is not returned and i am scorned.   let Your love permeate my being, my household, my family, and my workers that through loving our neighbor, we may bring peace and conversion to many.  enlighten us that we may always do what You wish at every moment, ministering Your loving service and forgiveness…  establishing Your kingdom in our hearts right here.  this i pray for Your joy and glory. amen.”

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