Friday, September 9: Do It Yourself (2)

one of the perks of being closely attuned with Christ is that when you plan to do something and it falls right in sync with God’s plan, your plan if acted on will happen in a breeze — effortlessly.  that is first-hand experience.

but, be forewarned though that it isn’t always for a happy ending–  not in man’s terms, at least.

just 6 months as permanent resident in australia, i was raring to earn some money.  since i was unfortunately non-marketable in my field of expertise in a country that preferred locally trained professionals adept in fashion design CAD,  (regardless if i could actually design a hundred times faster freehand)  i felt pushed to open a business within my other field of competence:  food.

i prayed to God, as always, and lifted to Him my plans to bless.

i found a spot just off melbourne’s busiest thoroughfare, had the shop fitted out, passed all inspections and got all permits from the council — no sweat.  everything happened in a breeze.  in forty-five days, i was open for business.  i was determined.

without a doubt, i knew God was on my side. i was already planning how i would share most of my profits to help the poor.

but, down the line, it didn’t really turn out as forecasted.  to skip the pain of recalling, let me cut it short.  i lost heaps of money in the venture in just 10 months.  yeah, that fast.

i went into depression…  i wallowed in self-pity… i sobbed like a child.

but guess how long? only overnight.

why?  because with presence of mind and minding God’s presence in my life, i reflected on the foregoing incidents up to where i had tragically ended — all in the light of His love and purpose.

immediately, by the grace of the Holy Spirit and love of the Blessed Virgin Mother, i read God’s mind.

i needed to go through that crushing loss as the final phase of my atonement.  my conviction and remorse was finally complete.

Christ was quick to help me go through that process.  to Him, it didn’t matter how huge my financial setback was going to be.  He knew me too well to see that it was the only way i would finally realize something so basic and so important before i could even dream of “living” for Him and in Him… and Him in me.  (whatever that lesson was, though, is mine to keep. :))

at that moment, i felt so loved, so grateful, and so alive.  (anyone who stumbled upon that divine realization would have no business feeling depressed, dead, or feeling like a loser, anyway.)

who would have thought that i myself was to be that “poor” who needed much help?

no matter what, God desires that we “take every project prisoner to obey the will of Christ.”  —My Utmost For His Highest

Christ’s zeal for me at that time was my full repentance and atonement.  and the best part was, i trusted Him enough, cooperated, and even worked along with Him to take me through hell and high water.   I may have finished financially poorer but i also ended up clean,  definitely closer to Him, and delightfully pleasing to His eyes.

money isn’t everything.  knowing God and yielding to Him is!


“Jesus, it was well worth it.  i love You.   i bring at Your feet every project, every plan into captivity and discipline to Your divine will, power, and love.  bless me and mine always, my dear God.”

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