Thursday, September 8: Do It Yourself (1)

today is the birthday of Mother Mary.  let me tell you a story.

there was a woman so entrenched in sin for a long time that only God’s divine power and intervention could take her out of it.  what innocently began as mere friendship grew into an emotional attachment which eventually led to the sin of adultery.  there were many secret things that brought it about but it was her hurt and pride that left her conclusively vulnerable to the corruption of sin.

but all that time, she prayed to God for forgiveness and deliverance from her messy state.  she had a particular prayer which she believed would solve her problems but which God did not grant, despite years of continuous praying.

that was her final cue.

with her perceptions blinded for more than a decade, she needed to be removed from the place of sin, taken to a far away land so she could see from a distance her life through God’s eyes.  true enough,  God granted her a way out.

it was out there that she came to the crystal clear understanding of the magnitude of her offense.  from it, a tidal wave of horror, remorse, and shame choked her out of her old life.  God chastened her down to the deepest recesses of her being, leaving her gutted but blissfully expectant of the new beginnings.

but what really kept her going was prayer again… her faith in God’s love and mercy… faith in His promises and His Word…  and, above all, faith to keep drawing on His strength.  all through that time she sought the guidance of Mother Mary and prayed unceasingly for help.

Mother Mary’s unrivaled love for Christ and burning desire to satiate His thirst for the love of mankind became the model of this woman’s change of heart.   there were a few instances when the Blessed Virgin made her sweet presence felt or assured her tangibly of her watchful care.

the woman felt profoundly blessed.

“there are things in human nature, such as prejudices, that the saint can only destroy through sheer neglect…  other things that have to be destroyed through violence, that is, through God’s divine strength imparted by His Spirit… some things over which we are not to fight, but only to “stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord . . .”  but every theory or thought that raises itself up as a fortified barrier “against the knowledge of God” is to be determinedly demolished by drawing on God’s power, not through human effort or by compromise.”  — My Utmost For His Highest

we come to Jesus through Mary.

“Happy Birthday, Mother Mary!  thank you very much for being there for me all through time, looking after me despite the sins i have committed, great and small, against your Beloved Son and Almighty God.  thank You for your immeasurable love for Christ and for caring enough to take me and similar souls back to Jesus who in turn took me and many others back to our Father.  thank You for being the Holy Spirit’s instrument and channel of grace for me and the world. 

I praise and thank You, dear God, for the love, the kind and watchful eye of  the Blessed Mother.  praise and glory be to You.  amen.”

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