Wednesday, September 7: Fountains of Blessings

there must be something grossly wrong with my faith and relationship with Christ because i get mad at people when they are lazy, waste money and precious time…. when they lie and cover up their mistakes at the expense of others….  when they persist on doing things wrong despite being told several times how to do them right.

i get mad.

today i was mad at this woman whose 19-year-old daughter had a drink too many at 3 a.m. one sunday and crashed the car my son was driving with such great impact causing it to rear-end the other vehicle in front — a triple car accident!

three weeks later,  the damage on my car (front and back)  is still not fixed because the mother says they are broke.

but, the daughter’s car has already been out of the car shop for more than a week now, all repaired and looking brand spanking new while the mother drives around in the latest Mitsubishi Pajero with metal rims that cost more than the repair of my car.

and as if that is not bad enough, she has begged me to sign the complaint my son had filed at the police station so that her daughter’s driver’s license could be released and she can be on the road again.  good grief!

i get mad.  what am i to do?

but even more than that, i am acutely embarrassed and worried that despite my relationship with Christ and deep love for Him, His life is not springing up and flowing out of me during extremely irritating and frustrating times like today.

“We are to be fountains through which Jesus can flow as “rivers of living water” in blessing to everyone.”  — My Utmost For His Highest


“i am sorry, Lord, that i was an obstacle for You today in letting “rivers of living water” flow through me.    i am sorry that i have allowed lies and more lies from another person to get the better of me… and of us.

i was not a blessing to others, i know.

didn’t You say to focus on the Source in complete trust and expectation?  forgive me, my  Lord.  but,  please help me with this woman whom i know You also love so much. 

what is wrong with her? well, You alone know the answer to that.  You alone know her real problems.  i ask You then, please, to touch her heart and take away whatever fears and needs she has at this time.  move her to do what is right and pleasing to You. 

lastly, i entrust the repair of my car to You, dear Christ, because You know how much we need it.  You supply my all.  i love you, sweet Jesus!”

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