Saturday, August 27: Living Your Theology

great things come from small beginnings just as a beautiful house is built one brick at a time.

i’d like to console myself that becoming holy is a long, challenging process — not an overnight thing, a quick-fix, or an instant makeover.  because unless i think this, i would have given up last march when i started this ambitious venture into holiness.

“continually bring the truth out into your real life, working it out into every area, or else even the light that you possess will itself prove to be a curse.” (My Utmost For His Highest)

God forbid.  scary words.  i know that there is no gray area with Jesus — we are either for Him or against Him.  but Lord have mercy on me if my faith or mountaintop experience turns into a curse.

despite noticing nothing in our growth towards holiness, we ought to keep trying… rising after every fall.

we start with small things from telling the truth, keeping down tempers,  showing kindness even to difficult people, to people we least like, or to strangers…. being humble, remaining faithful despite temptations, keeping calm amidst turbulent circumstances, sharing and giving until it hurts, spending special times with the Lord in quiet meditation and prayer, offering every joy, trial, and suffering to Him… being patient, choosing to be spiritual rather than physical, and so forth.

in short, living our faith.  every good act, every good intention, every good word counts until our whole life becomes a masterpiece for God.

“my Lord, help me.  send down Your Holy Spirit not just straight to my heart but also to my children’s, to those around me, and to the whole of mankind, for that matter.  so that not only does life become more easy and beautiful but also so that we all come closer to You and eventually, one with You.  that would bring you, my Beloved, so much joy!  i pray for that day to come — when holiness becomes a lifestyle.  this i pray in Jesus’ mighty name. amen.”

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