Tuesday, August 23: Prayer— Battle in “The Secret Place”

prayer is a battle.  and,  the number one difficulty is distraction.

just when we start to pray, we remember that the driver needs to be sent downtown to get a few materials… or that the cook has to be told to take out the chicken from the freezer for dinner tonight… oh, and then that she needs to be reminded about getting the clean laundry ready in the car …. oops,  and yes,  that jimmy needs to be called up quickly to deliver the plans…  aw, shucks,  jocelyn has to be followed up on that urgent order!!!!

a million and one concerns compete for our immediate attention once we begin to pray.  it’s a shame, really.  if we could only hear Jesus heave a heavy sigh…

now, if it is not distraction, there is also the dryness problem —  when we’re just not into getting spiritual at the moment at all.  nah.  we would rather dwell on the more relevant concerns like how to speed up collection to raise needed funds, or will the owner of the bumping vehicle cough up the payment for the damages on the car?  or will my son traveling to switzerland for the first time to meet his 3-year old daughter be alright?

“we need to overcome this problem of our idle and wandering thinking. We have to learn to discipline our minds and concentrate on willful, deliberate prayer.”  —My Utmost For His Highest

how does Christ feel in all of this?  do we even bother to wonder?

my Lord, forgive me.

“dear Holy Spirit, i need You.  my sons need You. my daughter and her husband need You.  the world needs You.  we need You to help us with our dialogues with God.  help us to cling faithfully to Him when we feel dry and tired.  inspire us to trust the Lord more in all things.  pray for us to be vigilant, resolved, sincere, and persevering in prayer.  remind us of how without the Lord, we really can do nothing.  grant us more special and secret times with Him in the day. amen. “

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