Sunday, August 21: The Ministry of the Unnoticed

Christ never trusts us to totally and perpetually decide for Him because He obviously knows that we do not have the strength of will and perfect nature for it.  shame.

but the reading today says that “He never asks us to decide for Him, but to yield to Him— something very different.”   (My Utmost For His Highest)

thank God for that.  yielding would be more of our nature, wouldn’t it?  unless of course you insist on being stubborn, proud, high and mighty.  ohhhhh… but that’s way too much of a hassle really.  why make life more difficult when Christ’s yoke is easy?

and, to top that, the Lord goes on to say, “If you have no strength of will and a nature without worth or excellence, blessed are you, because it is through your poverty that you can enter My kingdom.”  we cannot enter His kingdom by virtue of our goodness— we can only enter it as an absolute pauper.”

meaning, the more nobody we are, the more God will think of us as worthy!  how good is that?

but is that really easy?  don’t we all want to be somebody?  don’t we all wish to be noticed? don’t we strive to stand out rather than just belong? and, at what cost?

it takes a lot more grace, more courage, more strength, more wisdom, and more of everything to choose to be the inshine girl or the inshine boy when the world is beckoning to proclaim us.  why?  because it goes against our human nature of constantly seeking recognition, approval, fame, glory, and power from those around us —  which can get pretty addictive.

God desires that we seek glory, reward, and honor, yes, BUT from Him alone.  in other words, we measure our self-worth directly with the Lord’s joy in us.

and believe me,  from God’s vantage point,  it’s got nothing to do with getting the best seat in the house.

“Lord, take a good grip of me that i will never go back to my old addictions.  grant me a humble spirit that i will take pleasure and contentment not in the riches of the world but in the riches of Your presence… that i will seek Your praise and approval and not of others’.   i thank You, dear Jesus, for the work You have begun in me.  I pray that You keep on to its completion so i may reach the eternal joy and peace You badly want for me.  i love You, dear God.   please, bless my grown-up kids and be with them constantly in their work, at home, and in recreation so that their sense of worth and measure of success will not be of the world’s but of Yours.  this i pray in Jesus’ mighty name.”

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2 Responses to Sunday, August 21: The Ministry of the Unnoticed

  1. Effectively put from an important blogger

  2. Interesting post. Thank you!

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