Thursday, August 18: Have You Ever Been Speechless with Sorrow?

there are a few things in my life that i am not ecstatic about and i admit to trying hard sometime in the past to change whatever they are to my particular liking.  however, unfortunately for me, they remain the same to date.

realities like these i just give up and surrender to God.  i cease to dwell on the bitter taste and instead, i wait for God’s saving plan to unfold and shed light on why certain circumstances persist.

i have reached a point in my life when i no longer feel my desires are of utmost importance —  the be all and end all.  i am fine with not being ecstatic…  i am fine with just having to make do…  i am fine with not getting what i want…  i am fine to settling for less… (only by the grace of God.)

meaning, i can be stripped of everything, including my will, and He will still desire me… and, I will still praise and love Him,  my God and Savior… and my cup will be full.

“rid yourself before God of everything that might be considered a possession until you are a mere conscious human being standing before Him, and then give God that. That is where the battle is truly fought— in the realm of your will before God.” — My Utmost For His Highest


“dear God, all i want is You.”

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