Monday, August 15: The Evidence of the New Birth

we often hear of people who describe themselves as born again.  but what does it really mean to be born again in the following context:  “… unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God ” (John 3:3)

how is he different from the regular Christian?  today’s reading summarizes his characteristics:

1) conscious repentance; 2) unconscious holiness (humility); 2) a personal knowledge of Jesus and His nature as the foundation of his faith; 3)  recognizing and discerning God’s absolute sovereign control; and, 4) aversion to sin.

a reborn Christian is one “who receives into himself a new life that he has never before experienced” (My Utmost For His Highest) after accepting Christ as His Divine Savior and surrendering himself to the Lord.

with this acceptance, God grants him the gift of the Holy Spirit who in turn blesses him with a radical change of heart — a personal conversion, in simpler terms.  no more sinning, no more disobedience to the commands of Jesus.  and the order of the day is always love, repentance, and surrender.  the person is transformed from the state of sin to a state of grace.

“my Lord, never let me forget who i am with You.  i have been saved by Your blood.  let me exhibit that gift of  salvation in my life each day with the grace of Your Spirit in me.  amen.”


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