Friday, August 12: The Theology of Resting in God

i find today’s reading very special because it tells us how we can make Jesus “utterly and profoundly” happy.  all our days we pray and think about what we can get out of Him that will ensure our happiness or success but how many times do we think about giving Him what He wants to make Him happy?

“we produce complete and utter joy in the heart of Jesus by remaining absolutely confident in Him, in spite of what we were facing.   our peaceful resting in God, which means a total oneness with Him will make us not only blameless in His sight, but also a profound joy to Him.”  — My Utmost For His Highest

there you go.  so it’s verily stupid to panic, run around like headless chickens, succumb to anxiety and fear when we see “giant breaking waves on the sea ahead of us.”  aside from the fact that doing so doesn’t really take us out of our predicament, it also offends our Beloved.  tsk. tsk.

our Lord has been too good, too wonderful, and too amazing to keep offending.  let’s give in to Him this time… and all the time.

“my Lord, when i get nervous that things aren’t happening as planned and i lose my temper and scare the wits out of those around me,  please forgive me.  i am terribly sorry.  thank You for reminding me that You are indeed always there for me, my children, my loved ones and all those who believe in You.  and, for letting me know about what makes You happy. thank You, dear Jesus, that You love us sooooo much.  today i ask the Holy Spirit again that He blesses me always… that my love and faith in You increases every passing day.  this i pray for the glory of You. amen.”

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  1. Pulitzer prize material here.

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