Wednesday, August 3: The Compelling Purpose of God

i always say a prayer when i set out of the house and it always ends with, “God grant us the grace that in everything we say and do today, we seek only Your will and pleasure.”

why?  i can enumerate a number of reasons but two are major: 1)  i realized sometime ago that whatever comes my way, be it sadness or joy, success or failure, my purpose here is really to fulfill God’s plan for me in conjunction with my family, others and the world i live in — not my plans but His.

any disobedience and stubbornness on my part may succeed to bring me some bits of pleasure but i soon tire out of them by the end of the day.  from experience,  these fleeting pursuits not only leave me feeling empty but more importantly, they delay me from attaining eternal peace and joy  — which now i know is achievable not just for later when i die but possibly for right here and now.

2) i trust in God’s perfect love and provision more than myself, more than anyone, and more than anything to the point that i believe that whatever it is He desires for me is a zillion times better than what i can ever plan and achieve by and for myself.

we cannot help but make plans for ourselves, for our children, and sometimes, for our dearest friends, it’s true…  or have career and business dreams and ambitions to live the good life and there is nothing wrong with that.

what we need to do though is to lift all our plans and ambitions to God to bless, approve, and provide. and that’s it.  we live each moment with an alertness and readiness for what He sends our way— seizing every opportunity, as well as dodging every pitfall.

“I do not seek My own will but the will of the Father who sent Me” (John 5:30). The work we do is of no account when compared with the compelling purpose of God. It is simply the scaffolding surrounding His work and His plan.”  – My Utmost For His Highest

we may not know exactly what God’s purpose for us is but it certainly is worth living.  and, we don’t need to be constantly conscious of it or painstakingly seek it.  we just trust, live, do good, and love the way He did.

for as long as we believe and surrender to His will and design, trust in Jesus Christ our Lord as our Shepherd and Savior,  God sends us people and things along the way and engineers our circumstances according to plan.

even if we deviate a bit from the path due to these freaking distractions and temptations this material world offers and incur lapses here and there, He pulls us back on track —  in genuine love and understanding, just like a watchful and caring father.  and, we can rest assured that God will always have a plan B, a plan C, or a plan D (because He loves us too much) — a contingency plan which will still brilliantly transform even a tainted past and arrange “for all things to work for the good of those who love Him.” (Romans 8:28)


“my Lord, i willingly surrender my mind, heart, body, and soul to Your purpose, Your perfect love, and Your mercy because i trust You more than anyone else, including myself.  i just want to live life, enjoy, and be happy — confident in Your love and provision.  no matter what You send me, Lord, happy or sad,  i know that a grace, a gift goes with it.  and if it is indeed too obscure, i know the good will unfold in time.  so,  if my plans seem to contradict with Yours, i give You the liberty to allow Your will to happen in my life, my dearest God. i desire nothing else.”

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