Monday, August 1: Learning About His Ways

when you shared your problems with your more spiritual friends, were you lovingly reminded, “don’t worry, it will be solved — or,   be patient, it will happen— or, just keep praying, you will get it…. in God’s time?”  well, i have been told that myself, too — many times.

but when really is God’s time?

a lot of my prayers of long, long ago are only beginning to be answered now — when i don’t even remember that i had asked or wished for them back then.  but it’s good because 1) i know that f i n a l l y, God is pleased with me now; 2) they are actually still very nice things that bring me inexpressible joy and peace even if i got them 12 or 15 years later; 3) i am getting to know my amazing God more and more; 4)  i have more to share about His mysterious and glorious ways to my kids, sisters, and friends; 5) He gives me more reason to be amazed at His divine provision ; 6) it proves that He never forgets my prayers; 7) it increases my faith and trust in Him; and, 8. they make me love Him more.

there are things that God grants us late but there are also things that He grants us in no time.

i believe the deciding factor to the Lord’s granting our prayers really is our preparedness — brought about only by our obedience.  my prayers from long ago took forever to be granted because i kept insisting and holding on to my ways all that time.  even when i kept praying with all my might, i wasn’t really into Him just yet.

when i let go at last, made amends, reconciled with those i hurt, left everything for Him to decide, and was happy and at peace with everything He sent my way, i was ready to receive God’s grace.  what’s great was that He made sure i appreciated the value and timeliness of it.

waiting is not sitting with our hands folded doing nothing but it is doing what we are told. no need to analyze further… just accept God’s grace at the time He deems it perfect to give and be grateful all the time.

“my Lord, Your ways are not our ways but i want nothing else.  You always have my best interests at heart and i cannot ask for more.  increase my trust in You that even if i don’t see a glimmer of light ahead, i know that You are there for me.  i love You, Jesus, my Love.”

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