Wednesday, July 27: The Way To Knowledge

“the way to knowledge and insight into the teachings of Christ is obedience.  we disobey and then we wonder why we are not growing spiritually.”  — My Utmost For His Highest

it’s all very simple.  disobedience detaches us from God.  no matter how hard we try to justify ignoring God’s word in our choices and behavior, it still results in the same sad and scary thing — spiritual darkness.  or, in simpler terms, being separated from God.

although Romans 8:38 states that nothing ever separates us from the love of God, it does not necessarily mean that we automatically have the life of God in us which is necessary to our salvation. we sin and God still loves us, yes,  but we still need to be right and make things right with Him.   it’s non-negotiable.  it’s our share in the whole transaction.

but God is patient and kind.  so, it doesn’t matter how long and how difficult the struggle is or how we keep going back to the same test over and over again.  lucky for us, God is not bounded by hours, days, months, or years.   He sees with all His heart what we can become and He knows everything is possible with His grace.

for as long as we are receptive to His promptings, willing and eager in spirit, and know how to surrender to Him when He reveals His plan to us, the Spirit of God will work in us that we may know Him more and get a good hold of Him — which is the secret to loving Him as He longs and desires and which, in turn, is the secret to being able to obey Him naturally.

Christ drives His Word and teaching home to us through Scripture, through our circumstances, through people we meet, through our experiences, sometimes through dreams — whatever way, we just have to obey.  it’s all a question of giving that unconditional YES to Christ.

then, all else will fall into place.

“my Lord forgive me.  i just want to thank You now for your love, mercy, and interest in me despite being so stubborn, so dense, and with attitude sometimes.  i seek to know You more, love You more, please You more, so i can obey You more.   look after me, my Lord and All.  i love You, sweet Jesus.” 

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