Monday, July 25: Am I Blessed Like This?

“we must decide whether or not we will accept the tremendous spiritual upheaval that will be produced in our circumstances if we obey His words. That is the way the Spirit of God works. “  — My Utmost For His Highest

it is true.  the beatitudes are wonderfully simple — Jesus’ teachings on how we are to live our lives summarized in eight pithy one-liners.  i heard and learned about them since i was ten but i never really bothered to go beyond the confusion and wonder that came every time i heard of them later.   it is often more like admiring the simplicity and beauty of the precepts, and that’s it.

today’s reading brings up the beatitudes again.  bound by the task of writing out my insights in this blog, i read, reread, and realize how rigid, demanding, and seemingly impossible each principle is.  “the teachings of Jesus are all out of proportion when compared to our natural way of looking at things, and they come to us initially with astonishing discomfort.”

to come to terms with our nothingness without God… to be totally dependent on Him for everything…  to seek His presence and grace in all things –this despite our unworthiness… to be constantly in pain and worry not over earthly desires and needs but over our spiritual deficiencies and shortcomings… to be continually humble yet strong amidst sin and virtue… to consult and pursue His will despite the impracticability of it all or the urgency and need… to forgive despite the insult and injury…  to consistently choose right over wrong whether or not someone is watching… to love despite the anger and hurt… to make peace despite the grudge and hate…  to embrace persecution for the love of God… to believe despite the persecution and challenge — all these we can do only with the help of the Holy Spirit.

“my dearest Holy Spirit, now i know more why i need You badly.  please never forsake me and keep me always under Your watchful eye so i will always be pleasing to my Lord.  i love You, dear God.”

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1 Response to Monday, July 25: Am I Blessed Like This?

  1. Eric C. Dobe says:

    Hello, I really was drawn to your blog because of your interest in My utmost for His highest. It is my favorite Christian devotional. A book you might be interested in for more study on the beatitudes is Blessings that make us be: A formative approach to living the beatitudes.
    It is a very powerful book which brought me to the bless where I accept that I can be formed by these pithy statements as you say and give into a spiritual reality that these blessing are mine and I can live in the joy of becoming more and more like Christ who is the embodiment of the blessings that the beatitudes make us aware of in our spirits

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