Wednesday, July 20: Dependent on God’s Presence

“God does not say ‘be spiritual’ but He says, ‘Walk before Me’… walk and not faint.  to walk and not faint is the highest stretch possible as a measure of strength…  problems arise when we refuse to place our trust in the reality of His presence. ” — My Utmost For His Highest

the reality of His presence — not just a simple awareness of it but a profound understanding of the reality of it.

for any Christian believer who is convinced that God has absolute dominion over everything, this should not be hard to grasp.  the difficulty lies in the boggling reality that God does not always send us pleasant things.  sometimes, He hides the benefit way behind a mishap, an accident, a failure,  a setback, or everything else negative from any normal man’s point of view which not just discourages us but makes us question His purpose.

life is difficult.  if understanding the reality of God’s presence in my life is the key to sailing through struggles, i’m all ears.

what can stop us from getting there?  pride and arrogance– when we think we can go on without Him… when we believe we can rely solely on ourselves and other human beings for all our needs and desires — for the fulfillment of our dreams, for the success of our endeavors, for the peace in our homes, for the joy in our relationships, and for our health. 

“all i want is Your presence in my life, dear God.  i pray to You with all my heart for this grace because my life without You is chaos.   never let me get off Your track with too many demands of business, material thrills,  and worldly pleasures.   grant me the grace from Your Holy Spirit to seek first Your kingdom and righteousness, to be faithful, and to seek You in everything — both in trials and joys.  this i pray in Jesus’ mighty name. amen.”

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2 Responses to Wednesday, July 20: Dependent on God’s Presence

  1. TheFritz says:

    Absolute ly agree wit you in your prayer! Amen!

  2. TheFritz says:

    Absolutely agree wit you in your prayer! Amen!

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