Monday, July 18: The Mystery of Believing

“obedience comes natural and easy if we recognized and knew the highest authority of the One giving the orders.  many people come to God once they stop being religious, because there is only one master of the human heart  — Jesus Christ, not religion.”  — My Utmost For His Highest

a lot of people think that by being religious, they are the best believers and followers of Christ.  but before i continue, let me say that i am no better than the girl next door when it comes to pleasing the Father  because i do not know that.  only the Lord does.

i am also saying that i am not 100% certain that my faith is better, or much less, the best one.  i just happen to wholeheartedly agree with what today’s reading contends:  once we stop being religious, we come to God.

my faith is all about taking the Lord at His words and going by how He led His life — with no pretensions and no fuss.  what i admired about Him was his fearlessness in standing up for what He rightfully believed in.  i read and learn about what led Him to think and behave the way He did.  and, i am fully convinced that He is the only One — the Way, the Life, and the Truth — worthy to emulate, to call on, and to love.

i know God as how Christ presented Him to us through the bible, affirmed by the testimonies of others.  but more especially,  I know God as how He made Himself known to me through experiences, (mine especially — how He engineers events and circumstances)  through His blessings, and through His saving graces.

i live my faith.  whether or not, my knowledge of Him abides by how others know Him does not really bother me anymore. you like doing many sacrifices, go ahead.  you like to judge and feel superior, go ahead.  you think you know it all, go ahead.

let’s do whatever we think pleases God but leave the others to honestly do their own.

i alone will answer to Him on judgment day.  love is a personal and direct relationship. although i actually wish i loved Him more than i did, more today than yesterday, i am very confident of God’s love.

“My Lord, thank You!  “

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1 Response to Monday, July 18: The Mystery of Believing

  1. Very true post. I love that book “My Utmost for His Highest.”

    Isn’t it also true that religion is the #1 opposer of Jesus and the #1 opposer of those who REALLY follow Him? I was just reading John and it is always the Pharisees, the religious ones, that were persecuting and opposing Jesus. Even in church history, the real lovers of the Lord were persecuted by religion, especially the Christian religion.

    I agree with you. I don’t want religion either.

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