Saturday, July 16: The Concept of Divine Control

God controls everything.

whether we like it or not, or we run around asking other people for help…. or, whether or not you agree, God has His hand in all things.  so it’s really more practical, more clever and better not to waste time, energy, thought, tears, effort, and money in controlling circumstances and people when difficulties knock on the door.

finally, i have reached this point in adulthood when i readily and strongly believe that God is watching and looking after me.  why? only because He loves me to the utmost.

even if “at times, when God appears like an unkind friend, an unnatural father, an unjust judge,” (My Utmost For His Highest), i only need to remember the nature of the Author of Life and staunchly believe that all things — pleasant or not — are verily for my own good.

today, tanya, my daughter-in-law started her training as the store manager for my apparel business.   appalled by the volume of work in the pipeline, she asked me, “mommy, this is just too much, do you think you can finish all?”  i just smiled and said, “God blessed us with all this, so He will make a way.  nothing of this would be ours if He did not believe we could handle it.”


“my Lord God and Father,  i love You.  thank You for the gift of life and faith! thank You for Your love.  i pray that i may never hurt and offend You with doubts, insecurities, and fears.  send me, please, the resources and the means, dear Lord, to do all that You want of me.  and let me bring happiness and joy to those in need. 

bless my family always with hearts that always seek peace, love,  understanding, and harmony at home and at work, minds that always seek Your truth and wisdom, and healthy bodies that always work eagerly and willingly to expand our territories not only for our enjoyment and use but for others, too.  Mother Mary and St. Joseph, pray for us.”

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