Friday, July15: My Life’s Spiritual Honor and Duty

“…spend your life for the sake of others as the bondservant of Jesus. That is the true meaning of being broken bread and poured-out wine in real life.”  — My Utmost For His Highest

“my Lord,  i would not be what i am today had it not been for You:  poured-out wine and broken bread.

everyday i wonder if i don’t end up with a heart attack with my numerous commitments and deadlines.  often i wish i had more help but sadly, it isn’t the case. i can opt to just drop everything and fly back to melbourne for the rest of my life but i have my workers and their families to think about.  where would they go?

yet, they seem to show no appreciation at all.  and as they go about their days driven solely by their personal needs of the moment, rather than commitments and goals of the shop as part of a family/ team,  i feel like i am pushing myself to the limits for nothing.

i thank You, my Lord, for making me realize how much it pleases You to watch us exhaust and drain ourselves for good use to others… just like You did.

i ask You my Lord for strength, inspiration, and perseverance always.  amen.”

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