Saturday, July 9: Will You Examine Yourself?

the reading today tells us that as Christian believers, our dependence should be totally on God—not on any strength or natural quality within us or any particular set of circumstances.

and, for those who seek to be holy, ie., ehem, me – it is true that it’s not going to happen on our own (especially with the few difficult persons He decides not to remove in our lives) but we surely can place ourselves in the proper position where God’s almighty power will flow through us.

our relationship with God should be sufficient to allow Him to exhibit His wonderful life in us and be in us all that He says He will be.  And, the more weak and feeble we are, the better. (My Utmost For His Highest)

my domestic life is far from enviable at the moment, as I suppose is true, as well, with many.  But I am not getting cranky, temperamental, or needy anymore because I know I am being tested by my dearest and most beloved VIP.  i am not allowing webs of worry to mar my reception of Him or my usefulness to Him.

i only have the Holy Spirit to thank for making me aware of the Lord’s mysterious ways, for reprogramming and renewing my mind.

i talk and talk about remaining unfazed amidst unpleasant circumstances — well, You can take pleasure in watching me, Lord, for I only need to close my eyes, think of You, and feel the moment’s unhappiness vanish.

my heart smiles when focused on You.

“dear Lord, today, I just want to thank You again, despite!  go ahead and use me Lord, let Your unconditional love and generosity flow through me, chasten me if it pleases You, but love me most and keep me strong while You’re at it.

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