Friday, July 8: Will To Be Faithful

being faithful and loving is a personal choice and decision. no matter how much people may try to influence, pressure, discourage, brainwash, and bribe us, we ourselves will decide whom to truly love and be faithful to. we can pretend and feign affection, allegiance, or submission but we can only go so far without breaking ourselves, our dignity, and sanity.

in no time, we undoubtedly will follow where our hearts and minds are fully convinced… and lead.

and, that deliberate determination is ours alone.

in the same way, once touched by God, a person is unlikely not to fall deeply in love with Him and not to decide and desire to grow closer and one with Him.  profound love always seeks the attention, affection, desire, commitment, approval, pleasure, and presence of the beloved.  no matter what the circumstances are– in sickness, in health, richer or poorer —  love remains, nurtures, strengthens, and grows.  “you have no business trying to find out where God is leading— the only thing God will explain to you is Himself.” — My Utmost For His Highest

temptations that test and weaken may come and go but hopefully, the desire and will will always be there.

sometimes the bond of love, trust, understanding, faith, and conviction may not be thoroughly understood by others or may be viewed as impractical and crazy, but i believe that is what the Lord wants us to be:  crazily in love and faithful to Him.

being God’s beloved, reciprocating in thought and feeling to Him 100%,  and actually basking in that truth and practically living it is the best state one can ever find herself/himself in — which i myself seek to go back to many, many times a day, as well.

“my, Lord, i love You.   keep my love and faith strong and pure.  guard me to resist temptations at all costs.  keep me faithful and loyal in adversity, in ridicule, and in disapproval.  i am Yours alone and seek only to do Your will and please You.  my Holy Spirit, stay with me.”

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