July 5, Tuesday: Don’t Plan Without God

we feel slighted when we are not included in a close friend’s or a family members’ activities. imagine how God must feel when we eagerly plan activities, projects, and goals without including Him at all but when the first sign of trouble appears on the horizon, we quickly run to Him for help.  embarrassing!

why do we do this?  because we do not love Him enough.  because we do not thoroughly believe that He is actually present here, right now.  because we do not recognize Him as our Lord, Savior, Keeper, Master, Shepherd, and Divine Spouse.  because we are too proud to totally submit to Him.

our spirituality is too narrow and closed to include God in everything.

the reading today tells us that when we include God in our plans, we should never plan with evil and a rainy day in mind.  is that really wise?

so what the heck is  a contingency plan for?

well, honestly, i would rather not over-analyze, nor question anything that He wants…  i would rather just go by it, per se.

God is always worth taking the chance in anything!

“Lord God, i trust You with all my heart.  as i lift up to You all my plans, dreams, projects, interests, wishes, and purposes, i believe that You will look after all my affairs. thus, i have nothing to fear at all.  no rainy days with You, Lord.  everything you engineer in my life is for a purpose.  thank You, for Your help and loving heart.” 

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