June 30, Thursday: Do It Now!

do what you know you must do in obedience to the Lord’s teaching — now!  or else, the inevitable process will begin to work till u have paid the last penny in pain, agony, and distress.  God is determined to purify and cleanse you. (My Utmost For His Highest)

the strongest proof that we love Christ is when we show the fruits of that love through obedience to God and humane acts to man.  loving others is our calling card to show that we are indeed Christ’s.

love, so genuine, is extensive — all-encompassing… without limits… no holds barred… no sacrifice too great… no price too high…no conditions… asks nothing in return.   love is expensive — (it cost Him His life)  holds nothing back… willingly opens its hands and gives away everything it has to the beloved.  genuine love is expressive — reaches out with words and deeds… walks the talk… manifests itself concretely in ways that can be felt and seen by the other.

whether it may be meeting a material need,  lending a listening ear, spending valuable time in fellowship, or hearing with a compassionate heart…  true love shows.

when our divine Lover prompts us to do something,  we act.  no time for excuses and alibis.  we do not procrastinate.  we simply allow the power and love of God to reveal itself in our lives, now.

my Lord, be with me.

“Lord God,   forgive my offenses.   enlighten me and grant me the grace to abide by Your will.  let Your will be my will.  allow no one and nothing — not my circumstances, not emotion, thought, or fear, real or imagined — to block me from doing what is good, what is right, what is kind, and merciful.

sweet Jesus, let your healing power and love touch every detail of my life – my innermost thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and memories.  by the power of the Holy Spirit in me,  transform me, my Lord, that I may walk confidently and fearlessly in your truth and love in loving others.”

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