Sunday, June 26: Drawing on the Grace of God

are you failing to rely on the grace of God in your problems today? pray now and draw on the grace of God  in your moment of need.  display it in your life and show evidence to yourself and to others that you are a miracle of His.  (My Utmost for His Highest)

when we pray amidst turmoil, “. . . in stripes, in imprisonments, in tumults, in labors . . .” (2 Corinthians 6:5) and draw from the grace of God, without an iota of a doubt, God will see us through.

we rely totally on His grace every time for everything —  experiencing first-hand what seemed as impossible hurdles being overcome,  debts paid, huge deals closed, illnesses healed, relationships restored, conflicts resolved, and projects completed.  all because we had such strong faith and confidence in God, we drew from His grace.   our very life becomes a miracle.

my beautiful korean daughter-in-law, tanya, has been stressing out since friday that her two nannies might not return after their first weekend trip back home to the province.  morning, noon, and night, she has been blurting out questions like, “mommy,  i’ve just checked out their bedroom but they seem to have brought all their clothes with them, do you think they will come back?”   then i say, “well, they don’t really have that much, do they, so they have to bring all.  but yes, they will come back.”

then half an hour later, tanya asks, “if the nannies don’t come back, is it possible to ask your on-call masseuse to just do part-time nanny work for me?”… and then further on,  “mommy, i really need the nannies to help me watch the kids, will they be happier to stay and work for a longer period if i offered them higher pay and mid-year bonuses?”

and, like on thursday evening, just before we stepped into the car to attend my auntie’s first death anniversary gathering, she whispered, “mommy, maybe you can ask the other guests tonight if they know of any nanny who might need work.”

without looking as stunned as she realistically got me, i giggled saying, “yes, yes, that might be a good idea, tanya.”  good grief!

a l l   t h a t   s t u f f.

but consistently, reminding myself to be sympathetic and to remain calm amidst all her child- caring anxieties, i have successfully (at least, to my reckoning) come up with all the reassuring, positive answers.

today while i was juggling house chores, cooking lunch, and singing nursery action songs with gusto to her youngest — my one-year old granddaughter — who follows me around the house, calling my granny name, “a-ma” incessantly the whole morning,  tanya started to make a go again at me with her questions.

i  looked her straight in the eye and said with the most genuine smile i could muster, “tanya, relax.  you know, everyday i face worse problems than this but i have  to stop myself from getting anxious over things i have no control of or else i will be miserable the whole day and i won’t function properly in the tasks i need to do.  do you know how i do it?  i pray!  i just pray and ask God to give me the grace of a miracle solution.  so now we pray, okay?  ‘God, please look at us now and the difficulty we are facing and all the tiredness that we are experiencing without the nannies.  please, send them back to us tomorrow because we really need their help with the kids.  this cannot go on like this, Lord, or we’ll go crazy.  so please, please, help us.  anyway, Lord, they also need the money for their own kids, so it will really be a win-win situation.’  now, tanya, God always delivers.  so we wait.”

despite being neither catholic nor buddhist (??? i haven’t really seen her practicing some form of faith yet),  she agrees, “okay, okay, mommy.  we pray.”  then tanya instinctively bows her head and gives out a sigh.

i feel gratefully relieved.

an hour later, she asks, “mommy,  do you think your cook will bring another nanny when she comes back here tomorrow?”


“my Lord God, help me, please, and grant me the grace to remain patient… cheerful amidst the ‘turmoil’ at home and the chaos that my 6-year old grandson seems to geniusly create during the most delicate and unexpected moments….  keep me sympathetic to the needs and limitations of the people around me. 

Lord, You like it that we draw on your grace always, so i pray and draw strength and joy from You today and everyday that my house is filling and my family is expanding.  bless us all here at home, Lord. 

i love You, my sweet, sweet Jesus. 

before i close,  thank You for the love, spontaneity, and the joy of little children.  i am blessed.   i pray also for the nannies and their families that all are well so they can come back to work tomorrow.  for the love of us, dear God, i ask You dearly to grant us this special grace.”

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2 Responses to Sunday, June 26: Drawing on the Grace of God

  1. R.Coyle says:

    i cannot help but chuckle ma’am..oh boy! she is streeeeeeetching your patience, isn’t she? lol!!
    this is a great time to lead by example, i guess. wow…hope nanny comes back! remember the acronym for T R U S T.? an open door for sharing..

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