Saturday, June 25: Receiving Yourself in the Fires of Sorrow

“my attitude toward sorrow and difficulty should not be to ask that they be prevented, but to ask that God protect me so that I may remain what He created me to be, in spite of all my fires of sorrow… Sorrow removes a great deal of a person’s shallowness, but it does not always make that person better. Suffering either gives me to myself or it destroys me. You cannot find or receive yourself through success, because you lose your head over pride. And you cannot receive yourself through the monotony of your daily life, because you give in to complaining. The only way to find yourself is in the fires of sorrow…  If you will receive yourself in the fires of sorrow, God will make you nourishment for other people.” — My Utmost For His Highest

how true!

God sends us sorrows for a number of reasons: to make us grow in character, to bring us back and closer to Him, and to be of use to others.

it helps a great deal to know God’s purpose in making us go through fire and water.  why?  so that we know how to deal with difficulties and problems accordingly, reaping the maximum hidden benefits deep within human suffering and grief.

there are two types of sorrow:  one that is ungodly and useless and the other that is godly and useful.   the ungodly sorrow which is dealt with according to the world — causing anger and despair over our own life and the way things are with us– just brings more pain and suffering — making life on earth literal hell that leads to death.

the godly sorrow brings us on our knees to repentance, to knowledge of God, to a deep love for Him and ultimately towards true comfort, peace, and joy.  Psalm 18:19  “He brought me out into a broad place; he rescued me, because he delighted in me.”

“You can always recognize who has been through the fires of sorrow and received himself, because you know that you can go to him in your moment of trouble and find that he has plenty of time for you. But if a person has not been through the fires of sorrow, he is apt to be contemptuous, having no respect or time for you, only turning you away.”  — My Utmost

no matter how difficult the task may be, we ought to be like God in this, too — we do not shield our children and those we love from struggle and pain because it is only through them that they find themselves and God.

my Lord, thank you very much for Your great love and Your desire to restore my life in every way.  thank you for the lessons i learn from every difficulty and sadness You send now and then.  but, thank You more that i don’t have to live forever with them.   believing in Your love takes me towards happiness all the time.

i have grieved over the losses and failures in my life but i am forever grateful that You have constantly rescued and restored me.  I know that You are always there for me and my family.  You are all we need.

as I move forward to the remaining years of my life,  i humbly ask You, my Lord God, to bless my children that they will see the value of difficulty, guide them how to face it, and grant them the grace to overcome it, all with Your love.

as for me, my dearest Lord, continue to transform me through the power of Your Holy Spirit, so that the new and best me emerges all the time in all things, bringing glory to Your name.   amen.

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