Tuesday, June 21: The Ministry of the Inner Life

“the continual inner-searching we do in an effort to see if we are what we ought to be generates a self-centered, sickly type of Christianity, not the vigorous and simple life of a child of God.”  — My Utmost For His Highest

like a child of God.

i had long graduated from the joys and accompanying demands of child-raising but for the last few weeks, i have been extremely fortunate to have my two little grandkids, ages 6 and 1, join me in my home.  the excitement of hearing tiny footsteps running in the hallway, the happiness of hearing little girly giggles and of gazing into the innocence and charm of a small child’s eyes, and the wonderful feeling of little arms hugging tightly around my neck are mine again today.

the reading today brings to mind how being with their mom and dad is enough for little kids to make them feel warm and safe.

we are reminded that believing we have truly and completely been redeemed, we can live confidently, happily, and vigorously just like a child because we are indeed okay and safe with God.  with childlike trust and faith, we realize that we are made perfect not through our efforts, albeit how noble, nor through our sacrifices, albeit how painful — but only in Christ Jesus’ atonement.

with nothing much to worry about ourselves really, we are, therefore, urged to focus on a spiritual life devoted in caring, sharing, interceding and praying for others. why? because through Christ, we have been given direct access to God, just like the priests.

in the midst of worldly occupations, we are charged never to lose sight of God, always keeping our minds and hearts closely applied to Him, being entirely possessed by Him, and always engaged in the exercise and ministering of His love — replacing evil thoughts and worldly cares with godly thoughts and spiritual concerns.

it is not entirely just about keeping God’s commandments and doing good deeds but through the participation and communication of the Holy Spirit, being able to find God’s presence in our hearts and obeying the movements of His grace in our lives.

that is the meaning of inner life — when we achieve a state of unshaken tranquility despite the many struggles… when our mind and our spirit is at peace with Jesus Christ.

“Lord God, thank You for reminding me of my special place in Your heart.  let me not be too concerned of where i stand with You or about my imperfect state.  let me instead be grateful that my perfect self awaits somewhere with You.”

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