Saturday, June 18: Keep Recognizing Jesus

in matthew 14:29-33,  peter miraculously walked on the water to go to Jesus and he didn’t sink until he started to be afraid of the strong winds and waves.   in his fear, peter quickly cried out to Jesus who caught him by the hand and saved him.

four stunning things from this story caught my attention and made me reflect on my own faith:  1) peter’s reckless response to the call of Jesus; 2)  how peter’s shift in focus caused him to fail; 3) how Christ always saves when we cry out to Him for help, and;  4) how when Christ got in the boat, everything was calmed.

is my faith in the Lord strong enough to cause me to become fearless, “totally unrestrained and willing to risk everything, casting my all upon Him” in heeding His call?  (My Utmost For His Highest)

am i permanently focused on Christ, my Savior, my hope and strength,  never to be distracted and weakened by the difficult and seemingly overwhelming circumstances?

am i sinking to despair and fear or am i constantly looking to Jesus to prop me up and sustain me?

are my mind and heart so consistently and 100% focused on our Lord Jesus Christ that i do not lose sight of God in the challenges of my relationships at home and work, in my businesses, in all my purposes, plans, and strategies?

do i quickly call on the Lord in utter dependence to save me from my insecurities and fears or do i continue to search and scour the world instead for solutions?

do i remember to invite Jesus to get in “my boat” to calm the rough seas and forceful storms of my life so i can worship and praise Him?

do i really and wholeheartedly believe that Christ can save me in what seems to be impossible and hopeless?

“Dear God, thank you for the gift of life.  thank you for giving us Your Son, Jesus and the Holy Spirit to avail of Your promises and to lead us where you want us to go.  Thank you for the many opportunities and comforts You provide in our journey towards eternal joy with You.  free us from needless worries and help us to put our trust in you.  increase our faith, draw us closer to you, deepen our walk with you, help us get nearer to your heart, that with the graces you grant through the Holy Spirit who dwell in us, we may exercise our faith in the daily events, live each moment with full trust and gratitude for your providential care for us.  this i pray in Jesus’ might name, oh God.”

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