Friday, June 17: Beware of Criticizing Others

“Stop having a measuring stick for other people.  there is always at least one more fact which we do not know in every person’s situation…  Every wrong thing i see in others, God finds in me.”  — My Utmost For His Highest

how often do we find ourselves engaged in gossiping and criticizing others?  it is a given that whenever two or more people are gathered together, conversation always leads to discussing other people’s misdeeds, faults, blunders, and negative qualities…  but never their own.  in fact, many have been so used to the habit of backbiting and criticizing that they are not even aware that they are doing it until afterwards.

jealousy, anger, and insecurity are a few of the motives why people criticize.  but whatever it is,  “Jesus’ instructions with regard to judging others is simply put: He says, DON’T.”

there are things worth giving our time and effort to.  criticizing and gossiping aren’t one of them.

“my Lord, sow in me seeds of real, honest, and unselfish love for others that i may refrain from uttering anything bad about a person to another.  bless all my relationships that we may each bring joy, support, and love to one another despite our differences.  when i am tempted to talk bad about another, dear God, remind me immediately of how much You love him/her, despite — just as much as You love me, despite.”

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