Tuesday: June 14: Get Moving!

“abide in Christ in everything — in intellectual matters, in money matters, in every one of the matters that make human life what it is.”  — My Utmost For His Highest

we really cannot compartmentalize our need for God.  we cannot say that we will abide in Him only on religious matters.  or, that we will provide specific use dates for Him like sundays, special occasions, or milestones —  such as baptisms, weddings, and funerals.  or, when our hair starts to turn gray and death is near at hand.

we need to commune with Him in everything, whatever our circumstances — in our finances, our relationships, our marriage, our parenting, our friendships, our work, our business, our apostolic work, our politics, our life.

there are so many things that need our attention.  so many areas that we need to apply ourselves.  so many relationships to nurture.  so many decisive choices to make.  so many extra-curricular activities to attend.  so many things that can fill up our time.  but we tend to think that our time with God is apart from all these.

Christ is our Lord of all!  He is supposed to affect absolutely everything we do.  He wants all of us, 24/7.   building and nurturing a meaningful, significant, intimate, loving, and life-altering relationship with Christ  is a full-time affair.

in my business,  i often remind my people the importance and value of the customer and how the latter is the purpose and source of our business.  thus, the customer is never a distraction.  so that when a customer comes in, i expect them to drop whatever they are doing and attend to him/her.  i always instill in them that without the customer, we cannot survive.

in the same way, our Lord is never a distraction.  He is the purpose and source of our lives.  God is the center of our numerous activities and everything else works around our relationship with God.  without Him, we cannot survive.

so we cannot really say, “excuse me, Lord, but i have to finish this.”  it is not necessary  to change and arrange our circumstances to fit Christ in.  instead, we can say, “Lord, please be with me in this.”   we only need to carry Him in our hearts wherever we go and whatever we are doing.  we give Him all the details of our lives and He will work His way through them to get to us.

God, in His eagerness, is always happy to meet us at whatever point and place we are in.

just like Christ, we need to be at home with God everywhere.  why?  because doing so gives us not just the gentle comfort and solace we need to make it through, but also a deep awareness and understanding of the glory and the wonder of life as God intended it to be.  it causes us to live life differently, more lovingly, and fearlessly.

“get moving!  begin to abide in Christ now.”  — My Utmost For His Highest


“my dear Lord,  make me at home in Your love at all times.  thank You for reminding me that i am indeed Yours and nothing would please You more than to look after me as my Divine Spouse and be part of every detail of my life.  i offer myself and mine to Your loving care and provision today and always.  You are all we need.  i love You, sweet Jesus.”

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